Crochet playgrounds (yes, really)

crochet playground 3 Crochet playgrounds (yes, really)

This is surely the craftiest playground you’ll ever see.

crochet playground 7 Crochet playgrounds (yes, really)

Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam became a playground designer quite by accident. In the mid nineties, she was exhibiting a large-scale crochet piece, ‘Multiple Hammock No. 1′, at an art gallery when two children asked if they could swing in it. MacAdam agreed and watched nervously as they climbed into the ‘hammock’. The crochet piece stretched, swayed and came alive in ways that MacAdam had not anticipated. It gave her an idea and in 2000, her first large-scale crochet playground, Rainbow Net, came to life.

crochet playground 1 Crochet playgrounds (yes, really)

Since that time, MacAdam has created several crochet playscapes around Japan. I think you’ll agree that these beautiful spaces are as much public art as they are playgrounds.

(via This is Colossal)

crochet playground 2 Crochet playgrounds (yes, really)

crochet playground 4 Crochet playgrounds (yes, really)

crochet playground 8 Crochet playgrounds (yes, really)

crochet playground 6 Crochet playgrounds (yes, really)



  1. I remember playing on similar things as a kid… but never as handmade, colourful and beautiful as this. Indeed, what an inspiration. If only we could have one here…

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  2. This is so awesome, what kind of material does she use though?

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  3. I am a student at NSCAD University, where Toshiko teaches, and have had the pleasure of being taught by her. She actually developed a new fiber while working with engineers that could withstand the use of the structures.

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  4. I would LOVE to build one here! Where can I get materials/patterns?

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  5. WOW- these are totally awesome. I would love to be able to make something like this. Are the patterns and materials available for sale to the general public?

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  6. This is very creative! I love the coloures, wonder how long it took them to make all this.

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  7. We had the chance to see, and the kids play on this in Hakone Open Air Museum in Japan this year. It was amazing and the kids (4yrs old) absolutely loved it.

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  8. I wonder if anyone will return a comment as many have asked if this pattern was available to the public for purchase. I see this as an exciting opportunity for the kids.

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