Big Appetites – food photography with imagination

You may never peel an orange in the same way again!

Photographer Christopher Boffoli has created a series of photographs that turn the everyday into a miniature (or gigantic, depending on your perspective) world. The Big Appetites series plays on our perception of scale – using food to set the scene, Boffoli has set up tiny figurines of people doing everyday things. Rigatoni becomes a pipeline factory and a squashed blackberry is a crime-scene.

Kids will appreciate the purely imaginative aspect of each image (and may start looking at their dinner plate with new curiosity!). Adults will also enjoy the witty captions – my favourite is Gary, the hotdog ‘Mustard Technician’, for which the caption reads “Gary always used too much mustard. But no one could say so. It was a union thing” – brilliant!

See the full series at Big Appetites. Prints are available to buy through Big Appetites. Cards are available in Australia for $5 each through online store Mosey.

(via Mashable)



  1. Gosh some people are so clever, and so creative.

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  2. Very creative and witty! Love the blackberry crime scene.

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  3. Thank you for the link to our website, Mosey.
    We love Christopher Boffoli’s work, he is a very talented writer, photographer, filmmaker and artist.

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  4. Check out ‘slinkachu’ he did these as well..

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