Bella Bundles have baby covered with Blanket On The Go

There will be no more battles with wind or a curious baby pulling at a pram blanket thanks to Bella Bundles’ Blanket On The Go!

The Blanket on The Go attaches to strollers easily with the use of tabs and snap fastenings, ensuring pram passengers are kept super snug and preventing any loss of a favourite blanket in the event it’s kicked off. Blanket On The Go can also be used when you feed your baby – fasten it around your own neck and drape over baby to limit distractions and give yourself some privacy at the same time!

Bella Bundles also create gorgeous Towel Hoodies – made with a terry cloth inner and a cotton shell complete with hood. Designed to fit children aged up to five years – it’s a must-have accessory to pack in the beach bag this summer to keep little bodies warm after splashing about.

Bella Bundles also have beautifully coloured extra long and extra wide reversible cotton Bibs and super snuggly Big Blankets.

Towel Hoodies are US$52 and Blanket On The Go baby blankets start from US$40 at Bella Bundles.

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  1. Hi there!
    This is Julie the owner/ designer of Bella Bundles. I wanted to express our appreciation for the lovely feature story!
    We are about to update the website with some new products and very hip prints.

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