A geometric solution to the cubby house

Manual Villa

Babyology reader Cassie sent us this gem, with the note that she knows we love “amazing children’s cubby houses” – how right you are, Cassie!

Designed by architect Manuel Villa, the stunning Habitable Polyhedron was a custom-designed space solution for a Columbian family who felt they needed an independent area away from the house for activities such as reading.

Although a compact seven and a half square metres, the building includes a drawing area with a desk and ledge, and a couch. I like the wood interior and the abundance of natural light. I’d also like an independent area away from my house for activities such as reading. Hope my husband is reading this…

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(via HomeKlondike)

Manual Villa


  1. Hi im Clive,
    i just like to know the price and the measurements of this cubby thanks Clive.

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  2. Hi Clive, this cubby was a custom build so you’d have to contact Manuel Villa for further information. You can reach them by emailing here – manuelvillalar@yahoo.com . Hope that helps! ~ LK

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