A couple of dollars & a creative kid make the perfect keepsake gift

This is so effective, that you won’t believe your eyes… or your wallet. It’s quite simply, the most ingenious idea for a keepsake gift that I’ve seen in a long while and it will have busy parents breathing a sigh of relief, knowing they have a go-to gift that also tracks your kiddo’s artistic development!

The very smart and crafty Carla from Small & Friendly has posted a tutorial on how to achieve the wonderful art piece above, using your child’s very own artwork. It’s as simple as:

1. Buying a marker especially formulated for drawing on ceramics (here’s one we sourced locally – it comes in nine colours).

2. Letting the kid go to town on the outside of the bowl (not recommended on the inside).

3. Allowing the ink to dry for twenty-four hours.

4. Baking the bowl at 150 degrees for thirty-five minutes.

Yes, it really is that easy! make sure you check out the Small & Friendly blog piece for more personalised gift ideas for family and friends, using your child’s creative spark!


  1. Awesome idea

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  2. I’m going to do this with the few children at church! Then I give the gifts to the respective mothers on Mother’s Day. :) Thanks for the idea!

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  3. What a really creative way to display your childs art work. We always see so many home made mugs but not enough bowls. I just love it !

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