The ultrasound you can touch


In parents’ ever-increasing search for the perfect memento of their pregnancy comes an ultrasound you can touch.

Melbourne ultrasound clinic, COGUS, has recently announced the availability of world-first ultrasound casts – Little Cupids. Little Cupids are a physical three-dimensional portrait of a pregnant mother’s baby, taken between twenty and thirty-six weeks pregnancy.

PreNatal 3D, a medical imaging company, pioneered the casting process. The casts have a look similar to a classical Roman bust and are made in Australia using the latest rapid prototyping equipment to reproduce even the finest details. Casts can be made within days of having a routine pregnancy scan, giving you a far more substantial reminder than the standard grainy black and white photo.


We’ve seen a number of in utero mementos including 3D prints of unborn babies – Little Cupids are perhaps  more decorative. What do you think, Babyologists?

In the coming months, Little Cupids will be available at other PreNatal 3D clinics around Australia. Little Cupids are mounted and framed and there’s a variety of frames to choose from. They cost $299 each.



  1. Not sure how I feel about this. I’m not fond of the 3d ones either though.

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  2. I will admit, when I first heard about it, I was a bit disturbed by the idea, but thinking about when my first child nearly died at birth…I think it is a wonderful idea, because for those who lose their baby for any reason, I think it might actually help them. I know if I lost one of my children, I would want any possible memento of them to hold onto forever.

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