The first luxury maternity bra that grows with you from Cake Lingerie

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If ever there was a time in your life when comfort was paramount it would have to be during pregnancy and no one understands this more than the talented crew at Cake Lingerie.

I want to be quick to point out that comfort doesn’t need to mean daggy, especially when it comes to supportive maternity underwear. Cake Lingerie make it so very, very easy for pregnant women and new mums to treat themselves with pretty underwear that does the job it’s required to do all day long in stunning style.

stylish maternity bra, cake lingerie

Cake Lingerie are all set to launch their Cotton Candy bra (pictured above). Unlike anything else on the market, this seamless transition bra handles rapid change (such as first pregnancy trimester and the days after your baby’s birth) by growing with the wearer without ever losing its shape. Completely awesome and stops you having to potentially buy a new bra every fortnight for months, saving you money in the long run!

I want to remind readers that Cake Lingerie have some absolutely stunning maternity options for bigger breasted ladies also. I know too well the trouble of finding larger cup sizes – the Cheesecake and Blue Cheesecake bra (pictured top) looks amazing – catering for ladies sized between a 10D and 18J, you can be assured they don’t at all resemble something borrowed from your Nanna’s drawer.

Cake Lingerie are well known for their Nursing Cami and Lounge Pants available in three fabulous colour options – Choc Vanilla Torte, Blueberry Torte and Apple Crumble Torte. Now joining the nightwear ranks is the Apple Crumble Torte Robe and it looks so deliciously comfortable there should be no reason to ever get dressed properly.

See our previous posts on Cake Lingerie for more stunning options from this label .

Cotton Candy bra (priced $54.90), matching brief ($26.90) plus the luxurious Apple Crumble Torte Robe ($79.90) will be available at Cake Lingerie this month. Cake Lingerie send their incredible range, gorgeously gift wrapped all over Australia.


  1. Wonderful! Cake’s new styles look effortless and extremely comfortable!

    I have been trying to find a bra perfect for my preganancy (I/m 2 months in and am SICK of finding new bras / spending more money as I’ve gone up 3 cup sizes already and probably still more to go)

    The Cotton Candy looks comfy and it will stretch as my size increases. I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out when it comes out. Thanks!

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  2. Love these! So comfy and beautiful! I hope to have my wardrobes filled with these clothing items come our next baby bump instead of old sweat shirts and tracky dacks…..

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