Sit down for a cup of tea and a lactation biscuit

Last year we introduced you to Milkmakers, the lactation cookie. The cookies contain key ingredients including oats, brewer’s yeast and flax seed, which have been shown to provide nutrients that benefit the health of both breastfeeding mothers and their babies, as well as essential fatty acids, fibre, protein and iron.

When we first discovered Milkmakers, we all agreed that eating biscuits and breastfeeding were compatible activities – not necessarily to be done at the same time (excuse me bub, there’s a few crumbs on your head) but breastfeeding is demanding on your body and you have to feed it right in order to feed right.

Alas, Milkmakers is a US company and while their monthly ‘cookie subscription’ and new individually wrapped cookies for mums on-the-go are a terrific idea for breastfeeding mums, there’s no shipping to Australia. But breastfeeding mothers looking for a biscuit fix needn’t worry! Our previous post alerted us to Australian-based Boobie Bikkies.

Boobie Bikkies are made by author and lactation consultant Pinky McKay. Combining ‘ancient wisdom and modern science’, the biscuits are made from all natural and organic ingredients that nourish your nervous system and your baby’s ( helping you both to feel calmer). They’re rich in wholegrains, protein, B vitamins, minerals, iron and Omega 3 essential fatty acids and are formulated to boost your energy and encourage a healthy milk supply.

Boobie Bikkies are individually wrapped (throw a couple in the nappy bag for a snack on-the-go) and are available in two flavours – Organic Oat and Vanilla flavour or Organic Oat, Orange and Cinnamon flavour. You can buy them by the carton (ten biscuits for $24.95) or enjoy a monthly subscription (five cartons delivered each month for $88 plus postage). Boobie Bikkies are available online or from selected stockists.

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