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When I was having my first baby (more than ten years ago) the midwife who ran our antenatal classes advised that we pack in our labour bag “a big bag of coins” for the hospital payphone so that we could call family and friends when the baby was born. That was our ‘birth announcement’ – how quaint! We followed it up with a few lines in the newspaper’s classifieds section. My, how things have changed!

These days, parents have all sorts of lovely options for announcing their new arrival from electronic birth notices and beautifully photographed cards to clever and witty printed messages. We’ve rounded up a bunch of ideas  sourced from Pinterest to provide you with a little inspiration.

If you have a clever photographer in the family, who’s also a dab hand at photo editing, all the vital details added to a simple photograph make for a clever birth announcement. I love the example by photographer Brooke Schwab, shown at the top. There’s also the world’s cutest mugshot and gorgeous ‘Polaroid’ birth announcements.

There are oodles of stunning letterpress birth announcements available. I love this thoroughly retro example by The Mandate Press (below).

This fun ‘Look What We Made’ design is by Parcel Post and the vintage-inspired announcement is by Cynthia Warren. Etsy makes a good starting place for personalised letterpress announcements (simply search ‘letterpress birth announcements’).

I think my very favourite announcement is this incredible ‘i spy’ version created by Jill Thomas Photography. One side of the card has the list of things to find, the other side a photo of the baby surrounded by all sorts of odds and ends that, on close inspection, reveal all the important birth details.

You might choose to have your baby wear their announcement. Onesies printed with your baby’s details can be found at Etsy’s Culpeper General (shown at the bottom) or you can tackle your own with the help of this tutorial by Tip Junkie (below).

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  1. I don’t know a few coins for the pay phone sounds nice to me, if new mums don’t have enough on their plate they’re now expected to be creative too!

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