Lullabeats – music from the heart

music for newborns

If there is any sound in the world that is sweeter than a heartbeat in utero then I am yet to hear it.

We frame pictures of ultrasounds, save curls from first haircuts, take little handprints and now there is one more way to make baby memories. Heartbeat music. Lullabeats is a company that makes music with your baby’s heartbeat and it’s actually pretty sweet.

The company is owned and operated by musician Vince Madison and obstetrician Sonya Erickson. Basically how it works is this. When you’re at an obstetrician appointment, use your iPhone or another recording device to record the sound of your baby’s heartbeat and then send off the audio file to Lullabeats. They put it to original music and have it back to you within three weeks.

Strange as the concept is, listening to the mixture of new-age relaxation music and a tiny heartbeat brought a smile to my face. This would be great as a birthing soundtrack or a sleep time lullaby for a newborn. CDs start at US$99 and Lullabeats ships internationally.

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