Our favourite stores – spotlight on Mamaway

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Like many mums, I looked forward to breastfeeding but dreaded wearing maternity clothes after having a baby. Most of the breastfeeding-friendly clothes I found – and we’re only talking about five years ago – were shapeless and plain.

Thankfully, a fellow mum took action. After struggling to find clothes that were comfortable, stylish and actually made breastfeeding easy, Deborah decided to take matters into her own hands and launched Mamaway – Australia’s leading breastfeeding wear speciality store.

Tops3 Our favourite stores – spotlight on Mamaway

The store has a whopping two thousand styles across its seven Sydney stores and online shop. What I like best about Mamaway is that style is just as important as functionality. Mamaway-designed clothes come with well-hidden openings so you don’t have to worry about wearing a top or dress that’s obviously for breastfeeding.

A lot of mums rave about the Mamaway recovery and shape wear. They make it so much easier to wear what you want without feeling self-conscious. The post-natal recovery shorts aim to flatten the tummy while smoothing hips and thighs, while the nursery shaper tightens the abdomen and is safe to wear immediately after birth.

Belt1 Our favourite stores – spotlight on Mamaway

The Mamaway recovery belt is a best-seller. At $109.95, this wrap is made to support your body during post-birth recovery and is especially good for those who have had caesareans.

Jeans2 Our favourite stores – spotlight on Mamaway

Mamaway stocks a wide range of maternity jeans, which are designed to last during pregnancy and post-natal. There’s straight legs, skinny legs, boot cut, three-quarter length, slim fit, capris and jeggings. And if you’re not sure of your size when you buy online, there’s a thirty-day unlimited exchange policy.

Pillow2 600x423 Our favourite stores – spotlight on Mamaway

Another big seller is the MemoSorb Multi-function Maternity and Breastfeeding Pillow. This hypo-allergenic nursing pillow provides a comfy feeding experience for both mother and baby, is dust-mite resistant and can reduce overheating, making it ideal for summer. It costs $129.95 and can be used as a pregnancy sleeping companion, back support or even a learn-to-sit cushion for bub.

Sling1 Our favourite stores – spotlight on Mamaway

There are many more gems to be found on the Mamaway site, including the Mamaway ring sling and impressive range of nursing bras and PJs. Mamaway ships internationally.

All I can say is maternity and nursing wear has come a long way in the past five years!

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  1. I think the ring slings are great for bonding with a new baby and is a comfort to them as they can hear you heartbeat and know you are close by and that they are safe.

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