At last! Plus size maternity clothes

Plus Maternity jeans1 At last! Plus size maternity clothes

You know those women who glide through their pregnancy looking fabulous in skin-tight singlet tops, contrasting layering thingies and low-slung jeans? That was never me. I’m not one for anything form fitting at the best of times, let alone when I was pregnant. But nor did I want to wear a muumuu.

Mainstream fashion is slowly catching up with the plus size market in Australia but what of maternity wear? We all know that for the most part, simply buying bigger clothes is not a maternity wardrobe solution – the fit is all wrong. Recognising a gap in the market, Nadine Newell started Plus Maternity.

Plus Maternity caters for plus sized women during their pregnancy and beyond (let’s face it, no one walks out of hospital wearing their pre-pregnancy jeans!). The collection is made up of versatile basics – classic bengaline pants, jeans, t-shirts, long-sleeved tops and a selection of accent fashion pieces – wrap tops, a sequin singlet for eveningwear and a tie-front jacket. There is also sleepwear and swimwear available.

Plus Maternity 1 At last! Plus size maternity clothes

The styles are flattering and small details make the difference – pleats and gathers are in the right places, tie-front jackets and wrap tops adjust to growing bellies, many tops are ‘breastfeeding friendly’ and pieces can easily dress up or down for a corporate or casual look.

Newell provides plenty of ideas on how to mix and match individual pieces as well as guidelines for putting together a capsule maternity wardrobe.

All of the pieces are designed and made in Australia and prices range from $49.95 for a basic stretch singlet top up to $139.95 for a Merino tie-front wrap. Jeans, the wardrobe staple, are $99.95. The collection is available online directly from Plus Maternity, who ship Australia-wide.

Once you’ve got your maternity basics sorted, make a style statement regardless of your size with a few pointers from Bump It Up, a book we reviewed previously on Babyology.

Plus Maternity 2 At last! Plus size maternity clothes



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  2. Absolutely love the designs, great to see Plus Size Maternity wear. Just a shame that I can’t afford them…

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  3. $50 for a singlet is absolutely ridiculous. Seriously. With the Aussie dollar’s parity to the US, how can anyone justify charging (or paying!) those prices? Old Navy and Motherhood Maternity are far more affordable for the same quality and have way more options.

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  4. I absolutely agree, other posters. I don’t know a single plus-sized woman who could afford these clothes, much less while they’re pregnant and trying to save for a baby. It would be nice to be able to have clothes in our size to wear that didn’t cost as much as a bassinette.

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  5. I saw ‘Plus Size Maternity’ and thought ‘No way, really? Oh my gosh!! Finally!’. Then I saw the prices… Oh Dear… ‘Not really, Oh My gosh, how expensive!’ Happily, I can sew, therefore I think I’ll be designing and making my own.

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  6. I brought a top from Plus Maternity for my friend as a gift. I expected because of the price that the quality would be good, and when it arrived in the mail – I was not disappointed. Loved the colour and style. I just double checked, & the top is getting lots of wear and still looking like a quality item should.

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