You’d be a Wallee not to own this iPad gadget

wallee Youd be a Wallee not to own this iPad gadget

I don’t have an iPad (yet) but this cool gadget could very well make me rush out to buy one.

The Wallee was developed by a group of Aussie Apple fanatics, all of whom flew to New York just to queue up for the very first iPads (I love this part of the story – were they chatting over a glass of wine one night when someone said “Let’s be the first Australians to own an iPad!”?!)

Mission accomplished – they got their iPads and returned to Melbourne. Soon after they realised that to use their iPads the way they wanted – next to the phone for quick message taking and calendar checking, in the kitchen to follow recipes, the bathroom for relaxed movie watching and  the hallway to display pictures of family and friends – the iPads needed to be hung up.

So they designed The Wallee – a simple but ingenious wall-mounting system for the iPad. Watch the video clip to see just how clever The Wallee is. I think I need a Wallee (and therefore an iPad) hanging at the end of my bath…

The Wallee is $49.95 and available directly from the designers at The Wallee. Extra wall mounts are available for $10 each so you can set one up in every room in the house if you like.

wallee wallphone Youd be a Wallee not to own this iPad gadget


  1. Love these things, I’ll be getting a couple for my home. The only shame is the lack of charging – I’m sure I can rig something, but it’ll be a downer now and then.

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  2. Wow…we have 2 ipads …I want one …that is great ..I’m sure I will be getting one and extra hangers idea

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  3. Love it, really neat idea!

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