Timing the seasons with The Present

One of the occupational hazards of being a Babyology writer is discovering and then wanting all the things I write about. When I first began working with Babyology I was out of control (and my kids were very well dressed). I learnt to exercise restraint. But only to a certain extent. I need this clock.

If you always have an eye on the time, living in a minute-by-minute rush, it may be time to slow down. The Present is a unique, seasonal clock. The single hand moves slowly – in fact, so slowly you won’t notice it. The hand on the clock takes an entire year to make a single revolution and the colours on the clock face signify the passing seasons. I know my kids would find this fascinating.

Magically, the clock automatically sets itself to the current calendar date when you insert two AA batteries. If you’re not already curious about The Present, watch the excellent video clip below.

The Present was designed by Mssng Peces and was originally funded through Kickstarter. The Present is available to buy for US residents for US$299, although don’t waste time (!) getting yours – the clock is a limited edition of just two thousand. For Australian customers, put your name on the Southern Hemisphere wait list by emailing Mssng Peces at orders@thepresent.is.

(via This is Colossal)


ThePresent from Mssng Peces on Vimeo.

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