Survival of the fittest – kid-proof cases for iPod & iPhone

Griffin Survivor Survival of the fittest   kid proof cases for iPod & iPhone

I’ve made no secret to readers how much I love my iPhone. Alas, my children do too, which often leaves me feeling a little… anxious. Because of this, my husband and I decided to give each of our children (aged five, ten and twelve) an iPod Touch last Christmas. There’s no denying the monetary outlay, they’re expensive and we want to tell you of some great options to protect these Apple-brand investments.

I’ll be eternally grateful to Ben, Babyology’s creative director, for steering me in the direction of the Griffin Survivor Case (pictured above). This is a serious case – it’s built and tested to meet or exceed US and UK military grade and will withstand drops, rain and sand.

These are great iPod Touch covers for kids. The Survivor case gives the iPod Touch a similar bulkiness to that of my iPhone, which makes handling it super easy for my five-year-old. I’m confident my children’s iPods will last as long as they’re wrapped in the safety of this case! Available in six different colours, they’re available for US$39.99 from Griffin, which does ship to Australia.

Otterbox defender gallery Survival of the fittest   kid proof cases for iPod & iPhone

For those who need a case a little less full on, I’d suggest the Otterbox Defender Case. Available in six colours, the Defender case safely encases the iPod in a snug protective fit. The case itself consists of three layers designed to protect against bumps, dents and scratches. The Defender case is available for US$39.95 from Otterbox which also ships to Australia.

Fisher Price Apptivity Case Survival of the fittest   kid proof cases for iPod & iPhone

For younger children Fisher-Price is a long-time favourite for baby and preschool toys. We love that the Fisher-Price folk have also been bitten by the Apple bug and developed a toy that incorporates the iPod Touch (or iPhone) that lets much smaller children enjoy a selected music play list or chosen app. The Fisher-Price Apptivity Case has an ingenious safety screen, preventing little fingers from accessing other files, accidentally messaging Nanna or calling your boss. The Apptivity Case is available from all good retailers and costs $24.99.

Griffin Woogie 2 Survival of the fittest   kid proof cases for iPod & iPhone

If you want to mix novelty with survival, be sure to check out the Woogie 2 iPod case. Part fuzzy, furry, five legged friend and part protective case. Little ones will get a kick out of this one for sure and there’s even an opening for headphones. The Woogie 2 case comes in blue or pink, priced at US$19.99 and available from Griffin.

Let us know if you know of any other great kid-proof iPod cases!


  1. sounds like we need a post on tin-foil suits and hats to protect the kids from the evil radiation

    Posted .
  2. does anyone know which ipod cover would fit an iphone 3? my kids use our old iphones. does the ipods have a camera on them? that website only sells ipod survivor cover for ipod 4th generation or something….

    oh all the people making comments on radiation, it’s not that i don’t agree with you, but there are so many things in our society that are bad for the kids. microwave in your house is a killer! unfortunately we can’t protect them from everything.

    Posted .
  3. Charmaine I’m afraid I won’t be much help but is an iPhone3 the same size as the iPod Touch? The latest iPod does have a camera too!

    Posted .
  4. Hi Lexi, thanks! Yes an iPhone 3 was the same size (and shape – curved corners) but I haven’t seen the latest iPod Touch’s to know. Thanks anyway :-)

    Posted .
  5. Thank-you so much for sharing! This was exactly what I was looking for. Have just ordered the Survivor in Hot Pink for my daughter’s iPod. Thanks again :-)

    Posted .

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