Portrait photography is a snap with an iPad app

I have mentioned my love of photography in previous posts. Having kids gave me four, mostly-willing new subjects to photograph and I showed no restraint. As a hobby, I find photography particularly rewarding – you get instant results, there is never a shortage of subjects, there are always fun camera gadgets to play with and there is always something new to learn, whether perfecting angles and lighting or capturing the ideal shot of your kids at play.

A new iPad app, Portrait Classroom, teaches you how to take portraits of babies and children like a professional photographer. The app includes ten tutorials that outline the essential techniques for creating amazing portraits, from choosing camera settings on your own digital SLR camera through to using natural and artificial light, photo editing and more.

The app was created by photographer Kim Binfield, a US-based professional photographer and mother of two. Perfect for parents, amateurs and those wanting to shift their camera out of ‘automatic’ mode and get a little creative, Portrait Classroom will provide you with loads of skills and tips. When you are done, enjoy browsing through your fabulous images on your iPad!

Portrait Classroom is available from the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

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