Little Printer – a gadget to fall in love with

I love a gadget but regardless of the latest app, iPhone, iPad or e-reader, I always come back to paper. I even use a paper diary – our creative director, Ben, shudders at the thought of an archaic paper diary but even he admits this little paper-based gadget is pretty special.

London design studio BERG Cloud have created the Little Printer, a seriously cute, tiny printer that works with your smart phone. Little Printer links with all sorts of online publications, newsfeeds and applications to create an amazingly beautiful, personalised ‘micro-newspaper’. Watch the video clip below to see the Little Printer in action. I’m pretty sure this sweet little guy will rocket up the ‘most wanted’ lists when the Little Printer is officially launched next year.

Promise to keep you posted on this one – it’s on my (paper) list!

(via We Heart)


  1. i want one…this is great!

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  2. Does anyone know where this will be available to buy?

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  3. Chloe Little Printer will be officially launched next year – we predict he’ll be a very popular little man indeed!

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  4. Does anyone have any idea what it would cost?

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