Keep track of the kids with HereO GPS watch


Yes, you read that right, it’s GPS tracking for children – which can only be a positive thing in terms of safety!

The HereO watch is the smallest GPS tracking device available and fits a child’s wrist perfectly. Designed to look just like any other watch, the HereO watch is designed for daily wear with a time display, is waterproof and comes in a multitude of colours. Fifty hours battery life between charges will ensure parents keep connected with their children’s whereabouts, no matter where they are in the world, when used in conjunction with the Family Location app (suitable for both Apple and android platforms).


Young children wander off, one minute they’re there playing, you rummage through your bag for something and the next minute they’re not where you last looked. It’s not just younger kids either, knowing exactly where your children are when they’re old enough to leave the house without parents is sometimes tricky. Sure, they can tell you where they’re going and you have to trust that they will go straight there – but what if they don’t? The HereO watch and Family Location app together can show parents their child’s location, give Places Notification (arriving at school), Panic Alert (five horizontal shakes send an automatic panic alert), Tamper Alert (if watch is removed), Location History and Directions (receive directions to your child’s location). It’s clear to assume HereO has every situation covered.

The HereO watch is aimed at children aged three to twelve and will retail at US$149, including a charging dock and three months free tracking and will be available from retail stores from September. Pre-orders will receive a discounted price of USD$99 and you can order directly from HereO.

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  1. Pls share its pamplet or broucher n also the cost….is it available in india

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  2. How exact is GPS device if you have to find the child, how many meters/inch/foot to the child?

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  3. Where can be purchases plz

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  4. Super Cool Watches – I need two. Learning Tool and Keep Mama Sane Tool all in one FANTASTIC!

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  5. Hi all, be sure to click on the links in the above post for more information and purchasing details on the HereO GPS watch. Thanks ~ LK

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  6. Manisha, head on over to the HerO website for more details and purchasing information, you may need to email them to see if they ship to India if you can’t see it as a shipping option. ~ LK

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  7. Hello all,
    the hereO watch is available for purchasing at Indiegogo ( and we offer a special price of USD$129 for the watch, with 6-month subscription fee included; thereafter USD $4.95 applies.

    @ Vaselka, we use GPS technology, so the range does not correlate with the distance between the watch and the smartphone. Each watch has a SIM and uses cellular networks for tracking. You should be able to access your child’s location wherever you are.

    @ Manisha, the watch works in over 120 countries, including India.

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