iPhone plus camera gadget equals big love

I’ll admit I’m a teensy bit in love with Photojojo – I have a photography habit and Photojojo is a great place to feed that habit. And now they present us with a camera/ photography/ iPhone gadget – all my dreams have come true.

If you need to get really, really close to that cheeky little smile or zoom in on the winning goal at under nines footy, check out the iPhone Telephoto Lens. This little lens give big results – eight times the power of your standard iPhone lens to be exact.

Each lens comes with a special iPhone case that is used as a mount allowing you to compose and focus your photo as you would with an ordinary camera lens. The lens also comes with a nifty collapsible table tripod for setting up composed shots.

Photojojo acknowledge that the lens does make your sleek iPhone look a little dinky but the results are worth it.

The iPhone Telephoto Lens is US$35 and is available for the iPhone 3 and iPhone 4. Need more Photojojo? Find more here.

(via Pico Cool)


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!! I am in love!!! I have to get one of these.

  2. It really works! Best results using the stand that the lens comes with to hold the shot steady but the whole kit is compact & pocket size so no trouble to take with you.

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  3. WOW.. That is cool!!

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  4. Who needs an slr?

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  5. Really cool item, indeed.

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  6. Love it!! Just ordered one and can’t wait to get it.

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  7. I am just loving the links to apps and these gadgets you find for us!

  8. Oh and I have a question for you. When using your iPhone and taking pics can you make new folders? I can’t find how you do this on the phone so I’m about to Google. I have so many pics in the one file right now I really need to start a new one.

  9. Fiona, it’s not possible unfortunately. There are a few apps that let you copy photos from your camera roll into the app and then organise them into folders, but there’s no way to make folders in your photo roll.

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  10. Hi Ben! Thanks for taking the time to answer so quickly. I am surprised that they don’t have that functionality as I have had my phone for only a few months but have in excess of 1500 pics (I like to pretend im a paparazzi) Do you have any hot tips for the apps you mention that will allow you to copy them into folders? I suppose that doesn’t really help me when I need to download though.
    Just a side not to Mr iPhone – please fix when you have a few moments. Thanks again for the reply.

  11. Sorry, I haven’t tried any. I just did and quick search and there’s one called Folders that looks like it might do the trick.

    The best option is to bring them into iPhoto or Picasa or some other image cataloging application and organise them there.

    Also be aware that every time you sync you are backing up 1500 pics that are stored in your camera roll. This will be causing your backups to be much slower than they would otherwise be.

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  12. Yes each time I back up it can take a very long time. I have now taken to just copying the new pics in rather then doing the whole folder. Thanks for the tips and taking the time to post here again today. Appreciate it.

  13. I know this is going to sound a bit elitist and I’m not trying to be some kind of maven. It’s just that photography is so much more than snapping a picture with a pin-hole 5mp camera with a plastic lens attached. And it kind of disturbs me that many people might think this is the best you can do with photography. That anything moving over the speed of a senior on a Hoverround is going to be blurry and a magnificent mountain will always appears as a little green smudge. I understand if you can’t afford a Canon or Nikon, but there are lots of great analog SLR cameras on Ebay for under hundred bucks. And if the SLR is too big, even the Panasonic DMC-FH5 has ISO and exposure control and is 16mp.

    I admit this little plastic lens is cool and probably a lot of fun . Hey, I have a Diana and love playing around with it. All I’m trying to say is if you like photography .. then buy a real camera.

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  14. What’s a ‘real camera’? 10 years ago people would have said that every digital camera wasn’t a ‘real camera’.

    I love my Canon 5D Mk II, but I definitely agree with Chase Jarvis on this one:

    “The best camera is the One That’s with You. Images aren’t about dynamic ranges and megapixels. They’re about stories and moments.”

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  15. Funny you mention this Ben. Near my home there are a bunch of posters put up on a railway bridge that say things like ‘Real photography is about SLRs and passion. The reason your photos look awful is that they’re taken with the same device you use to phone people.’

    So I understand that they’re pushing for ‘real’ photography rather than a fast food approach, but I agree with you. I get such a kick out of Instagram as well as my more carefully-crafted SLR shots… because they’re about the accessibility of authentic moments.

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  16. Why does this exist?

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