iPhone gadgets for photographers on the go

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) all my old iPhone accessories no longer fit my new iPhone – so I need to go gadget shopping.

What’s caught my eye? The iPhone Lens Dial for starters. How could it not grab your attention? The steampunk styling of the Lens Dial against the sleek iPhone casing is terribly natty as well as the fact that the Lens Dial includes a high-quality glass fisheye, wide angle and telephoto lens which work atop your iPhone’s existing camera lens. The Lens Dial also comes with a dual tripod mount that allows for portrait and landscape photographs.

The iPhone Lens Dial is available from Photojojo for US$249. Photojojo ship to Australia.

Next up is the Dot iPhone attachment from Kogeto. Use the Dot to take three hundred-and-sixty degree panoramic videos that you can share (in the same way that you share photos on Instagram). It may have been intended for capturing breathtaking mountain scenery or stretches of sandy beach but I think the Dot will do just as well in the middle of birthday party chaos. To really appreciate how it works, check out the neat ‘Dotspots‘ and drag the image around for a full three hundred-and-sixty degree movie.

The Dot is US$79 and is available directly from Kogeto who ship to Australia.

If you are still not convinced that iPhone photography is worth getting excited about (and I can understand photography purists may think this), check out the images at the Annual iPhone Photography Awards website – the awards are in their fifth year and the photographs are amazing.

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(via Uncrate and Coochicoos)


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