EeziMed dummy makes the medicine go down

eezimed EeziMed dummy makes the medicine go down

As I sit down to write this post, our family is recovering from the kind of ongoing bouts of winter illness that make you want to move to the tropics. How do you get a screaming and very unwell baby to take the medicine you know they need?

Between painkillers and antibiotics, you might find yourself trying to force medicine into an unhappy, screaming child up to eight or ten times a day. Having a sick child is stressful enough for everyone without that little battle added to the mix.

If you have the kind of kid who doesn’t take medicine easily, the EeziMed dummy might be the solution you’re looking for. The EeziMed is essentially a dummy combined with a medicinal syringe. Medicine inside the syringe can either be sucked through the teat by the child, or the plunger on the back of the dummy can be slowly depressed to deposit the medicine in baby’s mouth. Sucking on the dummy makes it difficult for the baby to spit out the medicine. The dummy can be washed in water or sterilising solution.

Pick it up from Tula Tula for $13.95 plus post.

ezbottom EeziMed dummy makes the medicine go down


  1. This would be fantastic except for the fact that my bub has her preferred brand of dummy and spits out anything else.

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  2. Thank you for this blog post.

    getting my girl to take meds (we have been sick lots this winter) is always a hard one.

    I purchased this straight away.

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  3. My 4 month old daughter has had to take diuretics since she was 3 wks old due to her heart problem, she hated them and it was always a chore to get them into her, she then had a feeding tube inserted and we put the medicine down that. Now that she has had her heart surgery she is feeding well and doesn’t need the tube but still needs the diuretics for a little longer, i purchased this after seeing your post straight away and it works a treat! She is sometimes fussy with different dummies as well but takes it without hesitation… thank you babyology, without your post i would have never known this fantastic item was out there!!

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  4. Deborah that’s great news that the EeziMed dummy has made a difficult task easier for you and your little girl – thanks for letting us know! :)

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  5. How can I Purchase this

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  6. Hi Rachel – just click on the link in the article and it will take you to the EeziMed website :) ~ LK

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