Zoom custom table and chair set has room for all the kids

zoomplayset Zoom custom table and chair set has room for all the kids

Here’s a lovely little set of children’s table and chairs that’s just a bit bigger (and therefore more useful) than most children’s offerings.

Sometimes you just need a kids’ table that’s a bit larger than most – and if you’re lucky enough to have the space to house it and the children to seat around it, you can’t go past this Zoom Playset from Etsy seller VZ Designs.

Constructed from Baltic birch, each set is made to order, which means you can order it in virtually any colour you like, and VZ Designs can incorporate other changes to make it exactly how you imagine. Not only is the unusual shape more interesting than standard children’s tables and chairs, but the extra surface area of the table makes such a difference for clumsy little people trying to juggle food and drink or all the supplies needed for a busy day crafting and painting.

The chairs are all subtly different too! I love the way that small changes to each chair gives it a distinct personality. This fun and friendly set is $314 from VZ Designs, plus shipping.

zoomchairs Zoom custom table and chair set has room for all the kids


  1. Do these come in different heights at all? Some little ones are a lot taller than others even at the same age.
    In our case our child is really tall (like Dad) and a friend’s is short (like Mum)

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  2. Hi Rosemary, if you contact VZ Designs – linked in the above post – they might be able to accommodate a different height of tables and chairs. ~LK

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