The Vetro Crib – the choice is clear at Nurseryworks


Can’t decide on a cot for the nursery? Well the choice is clear!

Introducing the Vetro Crib, a one-of-a-kind acrylic cot made by Nurseryworks. Nurseryworks originally unveiled their lucite cot design in 2011 and although it went straight to the top of many parents wish-lists, it hasn’t been readily available until recently.

I say ‘readily available’ with some hesitation as the price tag on this spectacular designer piece is US$3950 – I suspect that’s out-of-reach for most parents setting up a nursery! Still, for those that can afford it, each entirely acrylic, limited edition Vetro Crib is laser-etched with its own unique number. The Vetro can be adjusted to three different mattress levels and the transparent sides of the cot give parents an unimpeded view of their child, a very handy feature if you want to check on a ‘sleeping’ baby.

Celebrity-style-seekers may also be interested to note that the Vetro is the choice of expectant parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (who are following Beyonce and Jay-Z’s lead, given that they chose the same crib for their baby, Blue Ivy, born in 2012).

Team the Vetro Crib with the incredible Vetro Rocker and the Vetro Changer for a complete look.

The Vetro collection is available directly from Nurseryworks which ships internationally by arrangement.



  1. The cot !!! Its it really legal in Aust ??? with the end open as is definitely shown in the photo. It may be alright for a baby who does npt move about at all. From about 6 months 2 babies I have cared for gradually move to the other end of the cot or you find them laying across the cot instead on along it, especially in a warm atmosphere, possibly to a cool spot as the mattress does get quite warm frm body temperature. They are made from foam and should be thick enough to be firm, not sag under baby.

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  2. It appears to be open Rosemary but it’s actually clear acrylic – so purely the illusion of being open ended!

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  3. After the vector crib, where can I purchase them from? I’m from Melbourne Australia

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  4. Hi Gessi, as far as I know the Vetro Crib is not available in Australia, you can purchase from Nurseryworks but will need to contact them directly for a shipping quote. ~LK

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