The designer cot that lasts a lifetime

Not only is this the coolest cot I have ever seen, but also the most ingenious – it transforms into an incredibly chic table for when your little darling grows up.

Made by French eco-design company Castor & Chouca, the Soleil baby bed is simply stunning. It starts life as a fabulous looking adjustable cot with lockable wheels so you can move it easily to wherever you wish. There are three large perspex windows so baby can see out – one can be removed when your baby grows big enough to climb in and out safely on their own. When you no longer need a cot, it miraculously converts into a stylish junior desk.

The entire cot is made from ecologically sound raw materials, including bamboo for the frame and organic cotton on the mattress. The standard cot and desk costs €990. You can include a cradle for an extra €500. Available from kids love design, who also stock a whole heap of wonderful products we’ve featured before on Babyology. Shipping to Australia is available.


  1. Brilliant idea! Stylish too

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  2. Very nice! great idea ;)

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