Swedese Tree Coat Rack – bring a touch of nature inside


All things nature-oriented have taken the fashion and interior decor
markets by storm in recent times. I’ve been far from immune myself, with owls, birdies and trees featuring prominently in my own choice of products for children.

Swedese Tree Coat Rack
is a spendy way of getting back to nature but is a piece that is sure to live with you forever. Possibly the most chic coat rack I’ve ever seen, a couple of these would be perfect in my hallway for those
essential family items that usually end up slung over our dining chairs. Having eyed the Eames Hang It All for years, the Swedese
may have just taken over as my coat rack of choice!

These sculptural beauties come in two sizes – junior and adult –
and your choice of floor- or wall-mountable models. I love the tidiness
and artwork-like quality of the wall version, how it uses very little
floor space, and presents less of a tripping hazard than racks
with bases. There are three finishes to choose from – laminated birch
veneer, white or black. The floor model has a steel plate in the base for extra stability.

The junior and adult racks would look wonderful where wallspaces could do with a bit of visual interest. It’s not only paintings and prints that can do that job! I’m always on the lookout for new ideas for decorating large expanses of wall. Alongside Scandinavian fabrics and art posters, we have our toddler’s artworks and prized retro knick-knacks mounted up high, far from fiddling little fingers. Now if I can just re-finance the house to have the Swedese trees line our hallway for a forest-like effect, we’ll be set!

does not ship this item internationally, so you would have to arrange a reshipper. Prices start at US$600 for the junior white wall tree up to $950 for the adult oak floor tree.

(Via Coochicoos)


  1. This product is available in Australia from Fred International.

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  2. Nice Post, Swedese Tree Coat Rack is now available in fabiia.com and ship internationally. Browse through the selection at: http://www.fabiia.com/au/designers/swedese

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