Sodura Aero contemporary bedroom furniture for toddlers


Click through to see the Aero furniture range – it’s contemporary kids’ furniture at its finest!

The Aero range of children’s furniture from Sodura encapsulates a beautiful blend of modern design and eco-friendliness, perfect for kids of today.

Babyology office favourites include the Aero Toddler Bed (US$420) which is made from sturdy birch wood and is available in a staggering seven finishes. The toddler bed fits a cot mattress, which holds off the purchase of a ‘big bed’ a while longer – and makes the most of your initial cot mattress purchase!


The Aero Change Table Dresser (US$650) is a nifty piece indeed, magically claiming to use no hardware at all to put together as it morphs from change table and dressing station to a delightful dresser far beyond the baby years. The contemporary birch design lends itself to both modern and traditionally styled spaces, making it a great investment.

Available in small and large varieties is the Aero Bookcase (priced from US$125) – the smaller of the two stands at fifty centimetres tall and makes for a great night stand, the large bookcase stands at one metre tall, giving ample room for a child’s library or toy collection.

As far as we know, Sodura’s Aero range is not yet available in Australia, a reshipper will be required for purchasing from Modern Tots.



  1. …love how the toddler bed sits low to the ground, so they can climb in and out easily.

    Posted .
  2. This furniture is great. There is definitely a demand, i often get asked by customers where to get functional baby furniture. I know just where to send them to now.

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