Rockabye baby on the Nuna Leaf bouncer

Nuna Leaf baby newborn rocker bouncer

I have a new baby at home, and now I also have a severe case of bouncer envy.

If you’ve been a Babyology reader for a while, you’ll know that we love our bouncers! Hot off the heels of some other fabulous bouncers we’ve featured this year (check out the Mamaroo, Bombol and Combi Pod) comes this beautiful number from European company Nuna. We need to say a huge thank you to reader Angela for alerting us to Nuna’s Leaf bouncer – she claims it has worked wonders on her newborn baby boy Ari, which is easy to imagine after watching the video below!

Not only does the Leaf look stunning, it’s packed with useful features (like easy dismantling for storage or transport and a lock so it can be used simply as a chair) and will hold a child from birth right up to 15kg! That’s a lot of value for one chair. Most amazingly, it’s motor-free, so while it rocks your baby into a dreamy slumber, you won’t have to listen to the click of its motor or worry about when the batteries will run out.

It doesn’t seem to be available in Australia yet, but stay tuned and we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything.


  1. Oh my – I want one! They look so peaceful!!

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  2. oooohhhhhhh!!!!!!!! want want, will need!!!!! Any idea on when they will be available, and how much they will be, and most importantly, colours!!!!

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  3. Wow.. That is awesome!! I wasn’t expecting it to sway like a leaf. I have to have one :)

    It takes up to 15kg but what age range is recommended? Longer/fast growing bubs may not get much use??

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  4. i would like to know where to order the bouncer please

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  5. Hi Jennifer,

    You would need to contact Nuna direct
    They aren’t available in Australia, but we do know our article generated so much interest that Nuna is looking for a local distributor!

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  6. hello,

    would love to purchase a Rockabye baby on the Nuna Leaf bouncer
    please let me know cost and colours.

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  7. I contacted Nuna directly and they have put me in contact with their Singapore distributor, Aprisin. So I’ve ordered the Leaf directly from them. Including shipping, total cost is AU$296, which is great for something that is useful for bub and looks so cool!

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  8. Just ordered my Nuna Leaf in twilight!

    Go to link above to see where you can buy it as it is now in Australia.

    Can’t wait . . . 2 weeks to go.

    Apparently I missed the first lot as it sold out before the stock arrived in Australia.


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  9. Are they supposed to sway continually? mine only sways for a short time after i push it with my baby in it….

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  10. They are only supposed to sway for 2 minutes after each push but they reckon only a few pushes the baby will be asleep… I’m a bit afraid that won’t happen so I haven’t bit the bullet and bought one yet as I want something that will work to settle baby if I’m busy doing something!

    Also, in terms of your above specifications, the nuna leaf takes up to 60kg! Not 15kg!!! It turns into a childrens chair!

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  11. Is it available in Australia yet? I live in Perth-WA.

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  12. It sure is Anita! The Nuna Leaf rocker is available from many Australian stockists. Thanks ~ LK

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