One Night in June – beautiful bedheads

kids decor bedheads

There’s nothing like a bedhead to jazz up a very ordinary ensemble bed. Despite coveting many of the delightful wooden beds on the market, my boys get so boisterous that I only dared buy ensemble beds for them lest they incur a brain injury while horsing around. One of these lovely, locally-made bedheads could just be the answer to my decorating dilemma!

Melbourne-based One Night in June will create the bedheads of their dreams using any fabric desired – choose from the collections available or go custom with your very own choice.

kids bedheads

Perhaps you have a fabric at home that’s been waiting for the perfect project? I sure do so it’s time to get cracking and create a bedhead for my eldest that will add some perk to his room. The bedheads are freestanding – just push the bed up against it and you have an instant decor boost!

Single bedheads start at $250 and One Night in June will ship all over Australia.

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