Nurseryworks has arrived in Australia – exclusive to Bébé!


Some of the amazing
Nurseryworks range has just arrived in Australia, much to our absolute delight!
last year, we featured this nursery furniture range – the arrival of this
brand to our shores will give the high-end
market a real shakeup. It’s a niche market that has grown immensely
overseas and now Australian parents will have more choice than any
previous generations in terms of chic styling and quality.

The Aerial Cot with
circles would be my personal choice. I love the contrast in colours and
the fact that the side rail lowers down. This is a
feature I can’t do without as I have heavy babies who become very
difficult to lift in toddlerhood. Conversion kits are also available
so you can turn the cot into a toddler bed or day bed. If you prefer a
more natural look, then the
Loom Cot is the
option for you. It has a fixed side rail and also converts into a bed.

Also fresh in are the
Loom and
Two Wide change tables. Each co-ordinates with one of the cots and as with the Aerial cot, you can choose from circles or squares for the door design
of the Two Wide table. These pieces will have longevity in your home as the change table accessories are removeable.

For too many years I have waited for the feeding chair market to be
revolutionised in Australia. You finally have the chance to own a
state of the art, purpose-built chair that will suit your contemporary
interior. No more puffy looking vinyl monstrosities – get one
of these Sleepytime Rocking Chairs to feed, coo and soothe your baby to sleep. It has low-rise, softly padded
arms and a high back so you are as comfortable as baby.

Nurseryworks is exclusive to
in Australia. Make your baby’s nursery truly
spectacular with the Aerial Cot at $1,649.95, Loom Cot at $1,249.95, Loom Change Table at $1,449.95, Two Wide Change Table at $1,649.95 and
Sleepytime Rocker Nursing Chair at $1,249.95 plus shipping.



  1. Hi i was wondering if it was possible to purchase the nursery wide dresser? I have already purchased the cot and changetable and id really like the matching dresser with the 9 drawers. PLEASE get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks

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  2. Hi, I’d like to purchase the Nursery Works, Duet Bunk Bed, is this an item Bebe will bring into Australia? We’ve recently moved to Sydney, and would love to get our hands on this!
    Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks

    Posted .
  3. Hi. I am also chasing the Duet bunk bed. Is this available in australia yet. Will you be stocking it?
    Thank you

    Posted .
  4. Another person desperately looking for the duet bunk bed in Australia – please advise if you will be supplying it, thankyou

    Posted .
  5. Hi There, wanting to know if the Duet bunk bed sets are in Australia yet? Are they coming?

    Posted .
  6. I am also looking for te duet bunk in Australia??

    Posted .
  7. Hi. Love the aerial cot and matching change table. Can I buy these online? Where is bebe located??? Thanks

    Posted .
  8. I’m looking to purchase the empire rocker in microsuade slate with dark legs. How do I go about ordering one asap?

    Posted .
  9. Similarly, after a duet bunk bed. Will you be getting any?

    Posted .
  10. Hi there I spoke with nurseryworks in America and they said they had an australian distributor of the sleeptime rocker chair. I am wanting to buy this please could you let me know who stocks this in Australia.

    Posted .
  11. I live in Sydney and cannot find this product anywhere !!!!! Any recommendations? ???;

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  12. And jodie, metro mum in sydney sells the nurseryworks rocker :)

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