Leaning lego loft


Most adults I know grew up on Lego, while a lot of us have slowly abandoned our passion for the small building blocks, I’m sure there’s still quite a few of us that still hold a secret flame for the game.

Take the Swedish design team SmÂnsk for example. So inspired by the childhood building blocks, they designed the Skew Bookcase in a form much like good ole traditional giant Lego pieces. The Skew Bookcase is made of a few giant Lego-type pieces that stack on top of each other and interlock. The look is way of centre andn is not your traditional book shelf but it definitely looks great filled with books – adding colour to a creative little room. The bookcase isn’t in production yet but SmÂnsk has already created a full-scale prototype and it looks hot. Sources say it was a big hit at the Stockholm Furniture Fair; hopefully it won’t be too long before it hits the market.

Great for Lego-loving kids — and their parents!

(Via Josh Spear).



  1. love the leaning lego loft it would go great in my sons and my daughters room as we like usual things and different shape can’t wait for it to com eto australia

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  2. Do you know when they might go on sale and how I go about getting one?

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  3. Dear Harley,

    this bookcase is now produced and for sale. Have a look at the swedishop in the internet.


    One unit is 256€ & I guess you may need 4 to 5 at least to create one full bookcase.

    Best regards

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  4. those shelf cost 5256 euros, not 256 euros.


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