Hang it up in style on the Nara coat stand

Nara Coat Rack

With winter here, I have all the family’s coats and hats hanging on the back of doors and chairs. Not quite the stylish look I’m aiming for, so I particularly like the look of this rather fetching coat-rack, which also has very green credentials.

As you can see, the Nara coat stand is sculpted like a tree and basically you can hang stuff on it from each branch.

The stand is part of the Nara furniture range of rather beautiful tables and chairs by London-based Japanese designer Shin Azumi.

Essentially, the coat stand is crafted using the good quality off-cuts of wood from the rest of the range that would otherwise be thrown away. Which seems like a pretty good idea to me, plus it looks good. Standing 180 centimetres high, with branches high and low, it will hold a lot of coats!

Contact international distributor Fredericia Furniture for details on pricing and local stockists.

(via Coochicoos)

Nara Coat Stand


  1. Hi. Can you please give me the price of the Nara Coat Stand?

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  2. Hi Rhiannon,

    You will need to contact the stockist about pricing details:
    Cheers :)

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