Florakids by Laufen – seriously beautiful kids’ bathrooms

I could do nothing but gape when I saw these amazing photos of children’s bathrooms by Laufen. Yes they’re completely over-the-top in a totally amazing way; can’t you just imagine these fixtures and colours in a state-of-the-art kindergarten?

The Florakids range by elite Swiss bathroom company Laufen offers scaled-down, imaginative versions of the bathroom fittings that are just the right size for little ones to use. How many times have we all wished we could have a kiddie bathroom installed? Perhaps some of you will import the beautiful Florakids to kit out your new builds!

children's bathroom fittings

Even if you find the interiors shown to be too colour-saturated, the range includes serene white (as well as red and green) so you can have the best of all worlds in terms of colour. Go neutral or flip right out like the designers of these spaces surely have – oh, to have this kind of creative freedom! The flower blossom-shaped basin and the co-ordinating toilet have no sharp corners or edges and the toilet even has little handles on each side so the child can balance.

Buyers can then choose some cute cloud-shaped shelves and a flower or caterpillar mirror to polish the Kaufen Florakids look. Read more about the construction and materials at the Kaufen website, where you will no doubt lose several moments looking over their gorgeous ranges.

(via Freshome)

children's bathrooms

children's bathroom fittings


  1. I love it! Makes going to the bathroom for kids fun and enjoyable. If I had the money and space I would definitely do something similar for my little girl :)

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  2. I’ve been looking and looking and I can’t find where to actually purchase these items. I’m about to give up… and I LOVE THEM. They are perfect.

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