Clever Tomato


The buyers at US store Clever Tomato really are clever tomatoes. They have put together a collection of modern designer furniture for kids that will have Babyologists swooning.

Browsing through their range is a lovely way to while away a bit of online time, but if you want to get straight into it, I’ve done the hard work for you!

I particularly like the Fuji Toybox by Argington (shown above). There are not many toy boxes that are truly ‘living room worthy’, but the Fuji is slick enough to blend perfectly with any modern decor. The Fuji also has what I consider to be the most importanttoy box feature – a slow closing safety hinge to stop the lid jamming little fingers. It also has ample storage space, a low shelf to display ‘precious’ toys or house books and is on castors so that it can be easily moved. With a choice of four wooden finishes, at US$420, it would be a great way to house toys to everyones satisfaction.

Another standout is the range of Tetra chests of drawers by notNeutral. Inspired by the classic computer game, Tetris, the Tetra drawers include a number of optional extras. Apart from various configurations and numbers of drawers, a tray can be added to create a change table or a mirror top can be added to give it some Hollywood glamour, reminiscent of glass-topped make-up tables. Finally, choose your feature colour, including the delicious Persimmon Orange or my pick, Lotus Green. The Tetra drawers range from US$2160 to $3450.

For pieces that unquestionably belong in the kid’s domain, have a look at the quirky, brightly coloured Taj chair and the P’kolino Play Table (pictured below). The play table looks like it’s straight out of a cartoon and I suspect that kids would spend as much time playing with the table as they would playing on it. The table is US$1399.

Clever Tomato ship to Australia by arrangement.


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