Bambini Chair – awesomely convertible

bambinichair1 Bambini Chair   awesomely convertible
Just when I thought I had seen it all in the world of multifunctional highchairs, here’s one that truly stretches
the convertible factor. The
Bambini Chair
flips over on its front to become a fab rocking horse for toddlers and
back up again, (minus baby set) to become a chair for older
children and adults.

Designed in Japan by Toshimitsu Sasaki, who founded design house
Sdi Fantasia, he was the only furniture designer to be funded by the
Japanese goverment and sadly for the design world, has passed away. His legacy lives on in his stunning work, and the Bambini’s
beauty and versatility is a testament to an awesome talent.

It is easily adjusted
for anyone who wants to be
seated, whether baby, child or adult, and the built-in novelty of a ride on rocker just can’t be equalled. It’s manufactured
from maple with urethane coating for easy cleaning, and the base comes in many colours including red, white, blue, green, tea and mud.
The highchair attachment is an optional extra if you choose to use the chair when your baby begins solid.

The Bambini can be ordered for US$449 plus shipping, from
Kilian Nakamura, or
‘Japan Trend Shop’ as they are otherwise known. They ship internationally and stock some pretty amazing gadgets.

bambinichair2 Bambini Chair   awesomely convertible

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