Pookiepak – more than a drink bottle, it’s a lesson in recycling!


Fancy yourself a water bottle with a fun afterlife instead of throwing it in the bin? Here’s your chance to make it happen!

That’s right, there’s no throwing the Pookiepak water bottle away – it can be kept to build magnificent structures with!

The Pookiepak is currently at concept stage and recently became a Kickstarter project, looking for backing from parents all over the world to make the dream a reality. Pookiepak is a water bottle for kids with a secondary life as a fun and creative construction toy as each bottle locks together.

Pookiepak creates a learning experience for children about recycling awareness and the value of reusing materials and of course, the all important construction skills that develop while creatively building!

If you’d like to see Pookiepak made available, be sure to make a pledge via Kickstarter!


  1. Ladies, if you click on the Kickstarter link above, all the details your asking about are actually listed.

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  2. Actually I watched the link twice and I still don’t know the dimensions or if this is a once only use and then recycled or if you can keep refilling them. If it had maybe a one year lifespan as a drink bottle and then to be used for building that would be great, if not it’s probably not worth it.

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  3. Hi Angela, you can contact Pookiepak info@pookiepak.com for all the answers to your questions! ~ LK

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