Foogo by Thermos – Stays Cooler and Fresher

Recently my little one had a nasty stomach flu so we’re trying to pay more attention to what goes into her mouth. Did
you know that bacteria in a child’s sippy cup can double in as little
as 10 minutes while at room temperature? This new,
hip-looking sippy cup and straw bottle from Foogo by Thermos,
comes in handy to protect your little ones. Its double wall vacuum insulation will keep beverages fresher, safer and healthier longer while the unbreakable
stainless steel interior and exterior keep them light, compact yet

The sippy cup,
which is available with or without handles, has a soft
spout to make sipping comfortable. The kid-proof design offers an
unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior that can withstand
daily wear and tear.

The hydration bottle keeps drinks fresh and cold for up to 12
hours. The
exterior, however, stays condensation free. It also comes with a
hygienic push-button lid with pop-up straw and a non-slip scratch
resistant base.

Available at Thermos in the USA and soon to come to Thermos in Australia. Prices start at US$15.

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  1. hello,

    I just wanted to write and let you and other mums know that I discovered the foogo thermos range is now available through urban baby.



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