Bubbaccino reuseable cups – for child-sized sophisticated sips

They look just like regular espresso cups, right? But these are made for little hands, to enjoy a frothy babyccino!

I can’t think of any child I know that doesn’t enjoy mimicking adults – particularly when it comes to sipping a latte or indulging in a cappuccino. These Bubbaccino reuseable cups are the perfect vessel for such beverages (minus the actual hit of caffeine, of course!)

The silicone cups are the perfect size for children and practically indestructible. They’re perfectly portable as well, so you can slip one into your bag, and have it handy for your next coffee break with kids in tow.

Besides the incredible cute-factor that comes with these cups, they’re also safe as houses. They’re made from BPA-free silicone, free from petro-chemicals, are flexible and will withstand two hundred degree celsius heat. The cups keep whatever delectable delight your child happens to be drinking warm, but they’re cool to touch.

They come in café-style colours of black, chocolate, red, pink and blue. You can snap up a gift pack of three Bubbaccino reuseable cups from the delightful Kindred Gifts for $19.95.

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