Balboa Baby Nursing Pillows for breastfeeding comfort

Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow

Anything that makes feeding a baby more comfortable always gets a big tick in our book, and when that nursing aid is beautiful to boot – well that’s just a bonus.

US-based Balboa Baby makes incredibly stylish nursing pillows, which have all the benefits of a well designed feeding pillow, encapsulated in swanky covers.

Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow

The Balboa Baby Nursing Pillows have a contoured design, making them comfortable for babies to rest on for extended periods (we all know how long it can take a newborn to feed). The design also makes sure that baby is up nice and high, helping to reduce back, neck and shoulder stress for mum.

Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow

As previously mentioned, the covers (which are removable and washable) are rather dashing, and a special mention must go out to the striking Geo design (above), which caught the eye of our Managing Editor Mandi, who has ordered one ahead of the birth of her third babe. While Mandi was unable to source this particular design locally, Australian stockists are listed on Balboa Baby. The Balboa Baby Nursing Pillow is US$50.

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  1. I don’t have this brand but can I say my support pillow is in my top 3 of my all time best baby buys. I didn’t discover these until baby no.3 after the inevitable visit to the chiro to put me back into shape after the first month of feeding. Having now used it for baby no.4 from day 1 in the hospital I can happily say that hunching has been avoided and my back has been saved! Well worth the investment.

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