Fruit gone mad

There was a trend a few years ago that involved ‘hiding’ vegetables in cake. A rash of recipe books appeared, each full of ways to boost vegetable intake in kids by disguising vegetables in food children generally love. We saw cauliflower puree in muffins and chick peas in chocolate cake. These tactics divide parents – some say kids should just learn to eat whatever they are given while others feel that the method doesn’t matter, it’s the end result that’s important.

If ‘vegetables by stealth’ wasn’t enough, flavoured apples are now available in the US. What?! Aren’t apples ‘apple’ flavour? Not anymore. Crazy Apples are marketing a range of apples that are ‘flavoured on the inside’ with bubblegum, ‘tropical blast’ or pomegranate grape. There are also “Limited-edition holiday and seasonal flavors” on the way – so can we expect chocolate or Hot Cross Bun flavoured apples for Easter?

So exactly how do you flavour an apple? Crazy Apples isn’t forthcoming with their secret recipe, short of saying that the flavours are “100% natural, zero calorie flavoring and a wallop of fun.” Well I guess it’s good to know that the flavouring going into a one hundred percent ‘natural’ apple is one hundred percent natural…

Stopping Crazy Apples being included in US school canteens is the subject of a current petition in America. So Babyologists, are Crazy Apples the new definition of ‘crazy’?

(via Inhabitots)

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