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Maptote onesies

I love maps used as design elements. I know the whole antique map trend was big ten years ago but I noticed a small resurgence at Kids Instyle earlier this year (Hm … maybe I noticed because I love maps?!). On trend or not, these map print onesies for babies are about as cute as cartography gets.

Maptote have added stylised maps of Paris and a number of American cities to the front of simple white onesies – perfect for travelling babies who need to get their bearings or for bubs with a few stamps in their passport already.

Maptote onesies are US$25 each. Also available are funky map bandanas and tote bags of various sizes for dozens of different US cities. Maptote ship to Australia (at very reasonable shipping rates).


  1. Looks very cute – and the fabric seems very nice

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  2. Awesome article.

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