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I know how it is, all winter long I talk about how I can’t wait for the warmer weather to be here and now that the days are filled with warm breezes, I’m going to talk of winter. Bear with me Babyologists as I briefly talk about brisk mornings, though I’m sure you will excuse such banter when you spy Toto’s sensational knits!

Kenyan brand Toto Knits have released a new collection titled This Is Glasgow, designed in Scotland by talented Glaswegian Flannery O’Kafka – a mum of five and avid photographer. Flannery joined forces with Toto to create a line of modern knits for modern children.

Each garment is made to order by an amazing team of Kenyan knitters, so there is a small wait (one week to lovingly knit and two weeks more for international delivery) but what a fantastic way to start next winter with these ready on a closet shelf!

Toto Knits uses the softest of organic cotton wool to create gloves, scarves, blankets and sweaters. I especially love the Glasgow Goblin knit (US$47.50) pictured above and the Bonnet with crochet trim (US$10) pictured below.

See the This Is Glasgow range plus the rest of their awesome collection that cater for children aged up to eight years, at Toto Knits.

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  1. Toto knits are very attractive and beautiful. Please share some pictures of Toto knits with me.

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