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The sun is out, the water is calling and it’s time to update the beach attire. If it’s maternity wear or girls’ cozzies you need then check this out. 

It can be really hard to find swimmers for little girls that are fashionable and tasteful, I’m not a fan of cartoon colours or adult cuts, so for me Sabina Swims’ style is perfect. Simple cuts, gorgeous prints, really pretty colours and great quality material, what’s not to love?

Sabina keeps it pretty simple. For the kids there are four styles to choose from; a Ruffle Neck Swimsuit (US$48), a Sun Shirt (US$35), an Itsy Betsy Bikini (US$47) or a separate Bikini Bottom (US$22), they all come in a whole bunch of prints that can be mixed and matched. The sizing is a bit different than Australian sizing so check out the Size Chart just to be sure.

For the mothers-to-be, Sabina has a gorgeous Mommy Me tank top (US$73) that comes in thirty-one different prints to match with the regular (and super cute) Sabina Bikini Bottoms.

There is a small range available at Beach Maternity and Sabina Swims also ship directly to Australia for US$10.

Possibly the most exciting thing about the Sabina range is that you can get matching mother-daughter swimmers.  For dads who want to match their boys on the beach, see our previous post on Tom & Teddy.

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