Roddie & Louie – knitted goods to make you swoon

Yes folks, we’re turning our minds to the cold season here at Babyology. There’s a whole raft of new season gear to show you in coming weeks so you can pick and choose your winter fashion delights for your little ones. Roddie & Louie is a good place to start.Roddie & Louie produce outstanding knitted pieces from Scottish lambswool. Pillows, blankets, scarves and gorgeous mittens in a slew of bright colour combinations make for happy little ones when the breeze is brisk. All items are finished by hand – it’s clear that doting attention is lavished on these amazing pieces. We just love the bold and oh-so charming graphics!

These are the pieces that become embedded in our aesthetic memories – the photos, the cuddles, the things we did, the lives we led when they were little can all be attached to what they were wearing at the time.  I’ll admit to shedding a tear or two when I recently went through my older boys’ baby clothing in preparation for our new baby boy. Even the least sentimental people can have their hearts skip a beat when they see a sweet little woollen beanie from baby’s first winter.

Prices start at £16 up to £65 and Roddie & Louie ship internationally.

(via Bambino Goodies)

knitted winter wear for children

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