Relax, the Car Play Mat t-shirt will babysit while you snooze

great t shirts for dads

If we told you we had found a t-shirt that will keep your children entertained whilst you get a massage, and all you need do is chill out on the floor, would you believe us? No, it’s not magic, it’s just an awesome product designed for parents, by parents.

BKY Kids have just released a third batch of Car Play Mat Shirts after selling out the first two. No doubt these will also go gangbusters. You may get some strange looks in the toy section as you meticulously select toy cars on the merits of their tyre texture and rubber quality, but it will be worth it when the little one is giving you a ten minute massage, complete with sound effects.

It’s not surprising that they have been so popular, at only US$22 plus $9 postage. The shirts are unisex and available from a size S to XXL.

I’m off to get one for the hubster; if I could lie on my tummy right now I would be getting one for myself. On second thoughts, I could always wear it backwards and let the toddler drive over her little brother while I snooze? There’s no reason it can’t be a mountain-top town map.




  1. Can I please buy this?

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  2. How fast is delivery to adelaide? Not sure if I can get shirt in time for fathers day?

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  3. Hi Michelle, the seller for these shirts is based in the US so I’m unfortunately fairly confident you won’t get one in time for Father’s Day here in Australia!

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