Read your child like a book at bedtime with high-tech pjs from Smart PJ’s


Believe it or not these pyjamas contain dozens of stories and lessons, which are unlocked by a smartphone or tablet. Yes, the actual pyjamas. Click through to find out more about this amazing kids’ nightwear.


The concept is very Jetsons, and a little odd, but I have to admit I actually really like these world first, interactive pyjamas. Before I launch into the specifics, I’ll let you know how the Smart PJ’s actually work. The all-in-one pyjamas are covered in dot patterns that are scanned using a free app and a smart phone or tablet. It works like a QR code – after scanning a grouping of dots one of forty seven stories or lessons is brought up on the device. How cool is that? Take a look at the video below to see the pjs in action.

My two small children love having books read to them, and there is something to be said for the tactile (and now seemingly old-school) nature of reading an actual book. But we all have those nights where the bedtime routine stretches far too long, and a little distraction is called for. And for older children, the app can easily be used independently. I can imagine that some days it may actually be difficult to get the kids to get dressed!


Smart PJ’s in a design for boys and girls, and range in sizes to suit from one to eight years. They’re available directly through Smart PJ’s for US$50, but are currently on sale for US$25.

(via Springwise)


  1. Could I please get some info about how to purchase a couple of these. Thanks

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  2. Jess click on the links in the post above and they’ll direct you to the Smart PJ’s website, thanks! ~LK

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  3. I am so glad i bought these smart pjs they are brilliant and have terrific stories and. wonderful pictures with the animal facts. I cannot recommend highly enough even got the grandparents wanting to play with the iPad.

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