Orla Kiely Nautical Multi Stem Print Baby Bag


Orla Kiely’s Stem Print has floated my boat for many years now and now parents can have this colourful gorgeousness in a baby bag!

Orla Kiely has garnered a global following with her incredibly appealing designs. Turning her talents to interior decor as well as her signature bags, I have often found myself desiring a few too many of Orla’s items.

The coveting isn’t about to get any better! Now there’s the Orla Kiely Nautical Multi Stem Print Baby Changing Bag. The bag with the unbelievably long moniker is as simple and sweet as you could imagine, with functionality underpinning its stunning looks.

Being a baby bag, there’s the usual myriad pockets for all that paraphernalia we need to carry with us to tend to our soft and pampered babes. What’s a tad different about this one is the zippered pocket at the base of the bag which I quite like for stuffing the change mat into so it doesn’t interfere with my search for my wallet at the cafe. A woman’s gotta have coffee in a jiffy!

The Nautical Multi Stem Print Baby Changing Bag (phew!) is US$244 from Orla Kiely and you’ll need to seek a reshipper for this one. Also have a look at our past Orla Kiely editorial.

Orla Kiely Baby Bag


  1. Love love love this. I want one Please.

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  2. Gorgeous!

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  3. Just got one on Amazon with a nice discount – thanks!

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  4. So want one of these!!

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  5. I must have it!

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  6. My son is now 3 months old & I’m still searching for the perfect nappy bag!! This could be it! Gorgeous!!!

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