Old-school baby & kid socks from Hank and JoJo

Remember tube socks? They’re back, in miniature!

Why is it that no matter how much care is taken, teeny tiny socks seem to disappear in the abyss that is the washing machine, or the mountain that is the laundry pile? And when manage to secure a pair, they seem to find their way from little feet at various stages during the day. Well, there’s no need to demand your child pull up their socks, thanks to these adorable Retro Tube Socks from Hank and JoJo.

A new take on baby leg warmers, the tube socks are a clever nod to my favourite decade, the 1980s – but are much more than a play on a fashion era. Imagine how much easier the crawling stage will be on little knees with these beauties. The socks are made from bamboo, and the bright colours are made using AZO-free dyes. While the sizes for babies range from newborn to eighteen months, the length of the socks mean they can be worn long past the age limits.

The infant and newborn socks come in a gift set of four pairs for $39.95, packaged in a recyclable paper gable lunch box. The baby set of four pairs comes in a mini tin, lead-free lunch box, for $42.95. The toddler set also comes in a lunch box, for $44.95, while the kiddie size are $46.95. Find them at Kindred Gifts.


  1. What about that hat? Where do we get that?!

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  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love the socks, baseball retro! Colourful and fun, great for learning to crawl. But where oh-where is the hat from?

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  3. I am the little one in the hat’s mother and I purchased the hat right from Etsy :) :) These are the best socks ever can go with anything and also great for a boy or a girl :)

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