New Generals shows off cool new summer 2013 fashion for kids


Let the summer wardrobe for the kids fall into line with New Generals at the helm.

I didn’t think it was possible to love Danish label New Generals more than I already did, but their Spring/Summer 2013 collection has me wishing that they also designed for grown-ups. I’m loathe to use the word ‘cool’ (because it is so overused) but this collection is straight-up cool. Particularly for boys.

Edgy geometric graphics, a largely monochromatic palette with some punchy cobalt thrown in for a colour pop, and smart details that set this label apart – oversized pockets, extended backs, pointy pockets, pleat shoulders, high-cuffed leggings and narrow cuts.


When we first introduced you to New Generals in 2011, their range was limited to underwear, albeit the very coolest underwear. Since that time, their range has expanded and this year New Generals introduces new designs including jeans, windbreakers and woven jersey styles.



Crisp graphics remain at the core of the New Generals signature look and fans of their bugs and critters won’t be disappointed – there are plenty to choose from as well as colour-blocked designs, geometric details and pieces for girls that have a little marching-band-pizazz about them.


My must-have pieces? The Pure pleat-side dress for girls (above), the Crossed-lines hooded vest for boys (shown at top) and the Beetle Peek bodysuit for babies.

New Generals is sized from newborn to fourteen years. Prices begin at €35 for a baby’s bodysuit and €40 for boys and girls t-shirts. New Generals ship internationally.





  1. Incredible, unbelievable fashion. LOVE!

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  2. Let’s get winter over first !!
    Besides how do you know how big your child is going to be by then. My Mother never forgot that at the end of one summer she gave my good going out clothes away. The next summer I was still the same size and at my age the fashion hadn’t changed. After that she kept my seasonal clothes for the next year, then passed them on to another family or charity the next one.

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