Little feet make a big splash in Australia’s tiniest gumboots


Now there’s no reason the smallest family member can’t have a diddle daddle in the wet now with Australia’s smallest wellington boots!

Wellies Online is home to Australia’s smallest wellington boot (or gumboot or rainboot depending on where you are!). Now Babyologists, when I say small, I mean it without word of a lie – boot sizes start at a size one with a teeny tiny insole measuring just twelve centimetres!

There are four super cute styles to choose from for the smallest of feet – Red Sneaker, Blue Sneaker, Navy Lace and Pink Lace – all with a super flexible and malleable sole to protect in the wet, while keeping comfort in mind for the toddler set.

Find these baby boots, priced $22.95, along with a magnificent rainboot range for the whole family, at Wellies Online.



  1. The ones with the real shoe laces are so cool !
    They are a great way to teach your littlie to tie shoelaces earlier rather than later.

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  2. What!? No mention of the awesome Hatley Raincoat? It’s the coat my son has, and it is fantastic as well as adorable, for anyone wondering. (No, I’m not being paid to say so.) it has soft terry cloth lining, giving it a bit of extra warmth, and the outer part is much more supple than most other raincoats I’ve come across. I can’t recommend the matching whale boots though… The loop broke on our first use (though they are still quite water tight, so that’s something). So there’s an argument for buying the featured product… Just don’t forget the coat. :-)

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