European designer kids’ fashion from Anja Schwerbrock

Is European designer fashion with a cutting minimalist approach too much to ask? Absolutely not, click through to see who’s delivering it in spades.

German designer Anja Schwerbrock has launched her very first children’s line, Tree House, and it’s nothing short of magnificent. Designed for children aged up to two years, this is one collection that I personally think people will either love or love not so much. I for one, find the lack of colour easy to wear and refreshingly elegant.

Tree House pieces are formed from a neutral palette of black, grey, white and beige and designs are simple, classic pieces without any fussiness to distract from the garment. I love the overall with connected apron (pictured above, €75) – team with a bright coloured shoe for one absolutely darling outfit. Don’t fear, the boys haven’t missed out, with shirts and pants aplenty but it’s the pure wool suspender pants (€72) in grey with ecru stripe that get my vote for boys!

To discover the whole Tree House collection, head on over to Anja Schwerbrock.


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